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Hi I’m warriorstar. I write code and do a bunch of other stuff badly. I like the world and its history and old stuff. I listen to all kinds of music and love to travel.

Say hi, I really am trying to find cool people on here.

the composition of community support for blender can be approximated as follows:

25% of answers have complete screenshots and descriptions for a completely obsolete version

25% of answers have people attempting and failing to upload their .blend files somewhere

25% are experts giving descriptions, with an inevitable response that the user can’t find that button in the UI

25% are unanswered

well i was gonna post a video here of my progress but centOS actually wets itself if i ask it to install ffmpeg and compiling from source is for people who use gentoo, all six of them

if i didn’t need linux for mastodon i wouldn’t use it

this is coming from someone whose linux pedigree goes back to installing RedHat 4.2 from discs I bought at a physical computer fair market

ffmpeg installation process on openbsd:

1. pkg_add ffmpeg

ffmpeg installation process on centOS

1. install a completely different package manager than the one the OS comes with
2. add a complete rando’s PGP key to my keychain to get the right repos
3. enable yum-config-manager “PowerTools”, because a tool that installs a package is definitely very powerful
4. install it
5. ffmpeg: error while loading shared libraries: cannot map zero-fill pages


i could study for my interviews or i could get high, put on some vaporwave, and scare the shit out of myself in stalker anomaly

hmm hmm hmmmmmmh hm hm hm

Didn't I predict this was going to happen? Because, I distinctly remember predicting that bullshit like this was going to happen.

i would kill for a french dip right now

all with that au jus

LRT Pinafore is a fantastic Mastodon client and I recommend it

Pinafore v1.24.3 


- Remove Pinafore from FLoC
- a11y fixes

Release notes:

at my next job i firmly resolve to not have Opinions so Loud and Often so people can Tolerate me

everyone keeps recommending monster factory’s fallout 4 playthrough and I got ten minutes in, and one of the dudes absolutely loves talking over the other and ignoring their suggestions

so that’s not something i want to watch for hours

husband using “going on a Hero’s Journey” as an excuse not to empty the litter box

Lmao holy shit

From Casey Newton on Twitter:

“About one-third of Basecamp employees accepted buyouts today after a contentious all-hands meeting. I’m told more are coming.”

Not an exaggeration, most of the people who left tweeted about it and there’s a thread of quotes being collected

There’s about 7.5 billion years before the sun makes the earth inhabitable

Humans only took a million years to evolve from ape-like ancestors

Who’s to say another human species won’t evolve after we’ve blown ourselves up and the dust has settled?

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