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i finished my animation you can watch it here:

it may not make much sense if you’re not into SS13 but there it is

Despite going to bed at “the right time” I still can’t sleep so I’m going to either be miserable at work in a few hours or oversleep or both

i look at all the things in all the stores, all the bottles and cans, all the cheap plastic tools and utensils, all the cheap plastic junk and toys and i can’t help but think

all of this useless shit, all of this throwaway shit, all these things are coming from countless factories in underdeveloped countries

how are you going to shut all that shit down? how do you close each and every factory? how do you stop all this worthless shit from being made?

what does that even look like?

i just heard the fact that every year is getting increasingly warmer as “a narrative that’s getting old”

sometimes living in a monastery sounds fucking great

do you think they’ll let in a nihilist?

how do y’all version control blender files?

all the volumetrics and lighting for 10 scenes in the same environment have diverged so much i need to pull everything into one parent file and get everything working with every scene again because the visual discrepancy is too great at this point

2 minute preroll for a 7 second video, thanks youtube

I pay a grand a month for insurance and hit a multi thousand dollar deductible this year and my hospital still thought it could get away with charging me over a thousand dollars for an intake with an in-network primary care physician

Like they literally thought I wouldn’t notice that the most basic plan coverage somehow didn’t apply for the most basic doctors visit

Shout out to all the introverts that felt bad for secretly enjoying two years in pandemic isolation

I need to quit my fucking job

I miss google SO MUCH; I had no idea how good I had it

this IPCC draft is 3,500 pages, written by over 250 scientists. every sentence is filled with references to studies, primary research, and the analysis of sophisticated geospatial modeling simulating countless scenarios and possibilities based on our understanding of anthropogenic climate change. every paragraph makes the situation more and more unambiguous, every detail and every factor explored with rigor

and the people who deny climate change probably don’t know it exists

why the hell can’t people design websites that show information

any video tile thing like youtube or twitch has no idea how to properly give space to the titles of videos

it’s just so so so so so so so JUST SHOW THE INFORMATION


how can humanity continue to live on the planet and not completely screw over everything else on it

going through this IPCC report and it’s just

there is nothing about this planet we haven’t completely exploited to its decimation

managed to get this scene looking perfectly then i fucked with the volumetrics and now i can’t get it back to how it was before ugghghgh

I’ve been writing code since I was five and I still, after 30 years, at the end of the day, really love it

This “people can’t keep working in their pajamas” shit is not only completely tone-deaf but insidiously offensive

The people who have multiple houses, private jets, no-limit company cards, yachts, and penthouse suites want is to believe that PAJAMAS are a decadent luxury that is simply beyond the pale

Fuuuuuuuck you

I need people to try AppManager, my GUI for OpenBSD package manager.
It's mostly done.

You don't need fancy pens or notebooks to keep a journal and it might help to put your thoughts down somewhere.

it doesn’t matter how much artisanal slow web shit happens, people are never going to go back to not talking to their friends in real-time full bandwidth video calls 24/7

it’s a level of communication and interaction the species has wanted since its infancy, to see and talk to someone anywhere at any time for next to nothin

There are some things that will put you in survival mode for the rest of your life.

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