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i don’t really do CWs. i think people should but i can’t get comfortable with describing how to couch things in that way, and more often than not i’m never really talking about one specific thing but trying to poke at the membranes between things

i strongly urge you to mute or block me if this distresses you. genuinely. you control your timeline, and this is my disclaimer so you are empowered to make the right decision for yourself.

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At any given moment millions of people are saying some stupid bullshit

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There is no setting on Mastodon that allows no replies to your post.

If you don’t want anyone to reply to your posts unless they’re looking at your profile, post Unlisted.

If you only want your followers to reply to your posts, post Followers.

If you want one person to reply to your posts, post Direct.

If you want no one to reply to your posts, switch to Twitter. Or keep a journal.

LinkedIn article suggestion: “things smart investors do to pay for healthcare in retirement”

Uhhh they probably just move to a country where the idea of paying for healthcare is considered barbaric and receive better care than all the money can buy in the states?

i’m going to fucking lose it with people using emojis in their headlines and as punctuation in their sentences


how do you live so gracefully
and can you show me
how do i save the child in me
a world a child could see

At first I was flabbergasted at how minimal coroutine support was in C++20 but after a month or so I’m beginning to see the diversity in implementation that can flourish by keeping the language primitives so simple

Anyone else spend copious amounts of time watching pedantic film reviews on YouTube for movies you’ve never seen or plan to?

I love watching comic book movies get torn down despite never having seen one in my entire life

“it’s kind of canon that the zone actually fucking sucks to be in. it’s like, the most hostile place on earth.”— solarint

windows hasn’t been able to log into the backup volume for nearly a month

despite all of its notifications about signing up for one drive, switching to bing, switching to explorer, and all its nonsensical bullshit it has not deigned to once notify me that it hasn’t been performing backups for a month

Hey fedi, the Recurse Center is offering up to $1000 to trans/non-binary/women programmers for upcoming batches. RC changed my life and is just an amazing experience/community -- see here for more:

i read a post a few days back with some very lovely homespun wisdom about how if you’re moderating an online community it’s imperative to ban people who accuse the moderators of lying and i wonder how they’d react if they were in charge of reddit right now

there’s music i want to work on but i just haven’t gotten into the right headspace for it yet and it sucks

holy shit i haven’t released a vaporware album in over a year

i know i’m going to regret these useless vague commit messages not even 4 hours from now but i can’t help myself

everyone fucking loves reading books until you suggest one to them

when the fuck did every piece of software become the neediest child on every fucking minor version update


i need to start collecting examples in the wild of obnoxious website and GitHub readmes that punctuate headers and bullet points with vaguely related emojis

vorarlberg german is a fucking trip

can’t understand a fucking word

and it chills me to the bone
that i’m so far away
from home

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