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i finished my animation you can watch it here:

it may not make much sense if you’re not into SS13 but there it is

It’s always the other

It’s always the enemy

It’s always someone else’s fault

It’s always saboteurs

It’s always “cultural degeneracy”

It’s always someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about

It’s always just one more fight, one more attack, one more purge, and then we’ll finally be in total control and nothing will go wrong

And when that fails,

It’s always traitors in our ranks

It’s always clandestine opposition

It’s always someone else’s fault

ADHD, Operating System, shitpost 

Revolutionary! Introducing : the ADHD process scheduling algorithm, with features such as :

Fast, repeated preemptive switching when tasks are remembered by the OS
Random discarding of tasks when the scheduler doesn't see them for long enough
"Focus" mode, where the scheduler focuses on one task for one to an indefinite amount of time quanta, disabling task switching altogether, as well as self maintenance routines (randomly enabled)
"Apprehensive stunlock" mode, where the scheduler, informed about an upcoming important task, prevents the scheduling of anything on the CPU to make sure you are ready when the big task happens
"Ugghhh" mode, where the scheduler just loses it and the list of ready processes becomes a blurry list and the priority field is ignored.

If you regularly consult a game-related wiki on, and are frustrated with the use experience, how much would you be willing to pay a month for a simpler, ad-free, distraction-free experience?

Keep in mind your support would benefit all game wikis that currently rely on

Two things you can do instantly to become a better public speaker than everyone around you:

1. Do not say anything if you have nothing to say. If you can’t find a word, you have to train yourself not to fill the silence. Just make no noise until you’re ready to speak again.

2. Stop that thing everyone learned where you outline your points on index cards, because that means you have to connect the points together on the fly. Either write out full sentences or riff off your slides.

I am going to crowdfund public speaking classes for all white collar workers

Uhhh ummm I am uhhhhh ummmm really excited to uhhhh

With a secure roof over my head, food in my stomach, and a comfortable bed, with internet access and safe drinking water, I am one of the luckiest humans to ever have fucking lived

It is obscene luxury, unimaginable to hundreds of past generations

It’s very easy to forget that I think

if you use a notification badge to tell me you did something on your website and you want to me to look at it you can stop writing software

i’m looking at you GitHub, feature preview bullshit

boost if pip won’t shut the fuck up about upgrading itself

in windows 10

modifying the taskbar clock

to show seconds

is a registry change

shit, i got a letter from deutsche bank about approving the new bank charges that got introduced for accounts, i was supposed to send back my zustimmung in like october

i can’t find anything on their website about it, are they going to close my accounts or something if i don’t mail that back?

this popped into my head in the shower this morning and now you have to look at it

can america please just switch to A4 for FUCK’S SAKE

JavaScript has probably the worst case of pretending code is adequate documentation out of any language community I’ve seen

I’ve seen docs that are a single, oversimplified code example with a link to “more documentation” that’s just a link to that selfsame page

busted and old: testament

hot and new: testament

i think leetcode has everyone beaten in the “how annoying can we make our e-mail marketing”

i hit unsubscribe on the latest one and it told me: “You will no longer receive these types of emails: Thanksgiving promotion.”

Imagine hating your users so much you divide up your e-mail marketing into a slice as thin as that so they keep getting countless amounts of bullshit

with this new job, i haven’t asked for any special hardware, installed any special tools on my workstation, customized or configured any application

i just flipped the lid open and started working with what i had

no rabbit holes, no trying to configure my precious shit to the way everyone else at the office is working

that’s why they hired me, not so i could complain that emacs doesn’t work with whatever

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