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i finished my animation you can watch it here:

it may not make much sense if you’re not into SS13 but there it is

react is by far the worst “technology” i’ve ever used

its sole purpose is to make browsers not shit itself while providing zero benefit to the devs using it, and they justify their weird lack of functionality with a bunch of almost universally inapplicable mantras like “lift data up”

UI behavior that was perfected 30 years ago is impossible in react

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I hate my web developer job. No time for unit testing, no time for documentation, no time for creativity or nice algorithms.
Just use whatever trendy JS {front,back}end framework, ship high bandwidth, heavy, soulless sites in no time.
The mere consciousness of it from my colleagues are jokes between two crypto bs talks. The climate catastrophes ahead are literally a joke to them.
I hate that I contribute to this and I want out.

Does anyone here have experience going from this kind of job to a more engineering-focused, ethical one? Tips? Interesting reads? I'd love to hear about it!

Boosts are appreciated!

It’s hard even for someone who knows better to conceptualize just how far away most of modern society is from the abilities and knowledge of its core civilization. Suspended in layers and layers of convenience, abstraction, and process. I’d be utterly incapable of surviving outside of modern society.

And the pisser is that will always hang over the head of an advanced species. The universe won’t stop trying to snuff you out, even if you’ve invented the smartphone

I’m so lucky to fucking be alive. The world has failed to snuff me out. Even the pandemic hasn’t gotten me.

Every day the dice roll, and over a lifetime the probabilities start exhausting themselves. Eventually I’ll roll ones.

Until then, we push forward.

we’re trapped in an endless cycle of the web eroding our attention span, which requires us to make UIs even simpler, which allows people to erode their attention span faster

it’s so sad to see a series go from something like fallout 2, with

- depth
- character
- forests worth of dialogue trees
- memorable characters
- and a flawless soundtrack

and get to fallout 4, where

- no one has logical motivations
- every character is paper thin
- dialogue is reduced to yes/no/sarcastic yes
- the world is completely out of sync with the timeframe
- the canon is completely torn to shreds

just sad

at some point software developers decided that they had carte blanche to update their software whenever they wanted to, pressure you to update their software whenever they wanted to, completely re-arrange their UI on you whenever they wanted

don’t tell me about updates to your software, don’t ask me to update your software, don’t update your software on me without my knowledge and consent

stop acting like you own my computer

i have to say working on my second big blender project is a much more enjoyable process than the first. i feel like i’m working with it now, rather than against it

and it’s the first time i’ve used python deeply to manipulate scenes, create materials, update texture nodes, and register custom metadata used in shaders

that said the UI is still incredibly obtuse, and i think the amount of extant 2.79 content on the web makes it hard to find up-to-date information

i’m still hearing fucking sirens, minutes later, what the fuck is going on uptown

about three dozen emergency vehicles, ambulances, police cars, unmarked cars just noise pollutioned their way up 8th avenue, what the fuck is going on

i just think it’s strange it’s been a month since log4shell and the FSF has not said a single word about it

i would love to hear their thoughts about what small, underfunded teams of people working on open source should do when the entire internet is breathing down their neck to fix a vulnerability and if its wise to continue proselytizing a world view that can’t put food in the mouths of people who love writing software

has the free software foundation said anything yet about the onerous and unreasonable burden that open source software maintainers are put under, demonstrated by the log4j fiasco?

do they have any thoughts on how people can continue to work on f/oss and put food in the mouths of their children?

do they have any thoughts on how to ensure that projects critical to a functioning internet are funded properly by the companies that take advantage of them?

your coworkers are not and cannot be your friends

your coworkers are just people that happened to have been hired at the same corporate enterprise. it’s not that they’re untrustworthy, it’s simply that they can’t be trusted by virtue of your organizational relationship

keeping your work/life balance extends to sharing the right parts of your life with the right people

it may feel like you’re wearing a mask at work, but just like the pandemic, it’s for everyone’s protection

I think the thing I’ll miss the most when the climate finally collapses is hot showers

the world is changing.

people around you are going to pretend it’s not.

schools are going to force students and teachers back into the classroom, employers are going to force their employees back into open floor plans (+ HEPA filters so it’s okay!) without realizing the horses have bolted for anyone who is passionate about working from home

they are going to deny and say things are impossible and mistake obstinacy for leadership

run screaming from these people, they are *already in the past*

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