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i don’t really do CWs. i think people should but i can’t get comfortable with describing how to couch things in that way, and more often than not i’m never really talking about one specific thing but trying to poke at the membranes between things

i strongly urge you to mute or block me if this distresses you. genuinely. you control your timeline, and this is my disclaimer so you are empowered to make the right decision for yourself.

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At any given moment millions of people are saying some stupid bullshit

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There is no setting on Mastodon that allows no replies to your post.

If you don’t want anyone to reply to your posts unless they’re looking at your profile, post Unlisted.

If you only want your followers to reply to your posts, post Followers.

If you want one person to reply to your posts, post Direct.

If you want no one to reply to your posts, switch to Twitter. Or keep a journal.

god, i wish i were young

those things i felt, those beautiful moments etched in sand and snow

i’ve lived more in my short life than most people live their whole lives. and i chose it. i chose that route and it has been beautiful beyond words.

the countries i’ve been to, the languages i’ve spoken, the friends i’ve made, the handful of undeniable moments sparkling like stars across a lifetime of night

i *will* start building all this C# shit in my bazel monorepo soon, it’s just fucking another chore

doing that fucking forward declaration dance where i have a manager that managers all these other managers and they all need to know about each other

it’s the same fucking problem every time and i wish i knew how not to fall into that trap

after apple kills intel they should go after bluetooth next

I’m fucking 200 lines into a mod for GTA5 because I’m sick of the shitty unrealistic cop spawns

So now I’m trying to model it based on the specific neighborhoods and the times of day and give that back to the engine and see what it does with it

Like proportion of cops to other pedestrians, and cop cars to other traffic

I don’t know why I can’t just play a game like a normal person

writing a text processor for these gta5 metadata files because no one can fucking do anything right

oh god my includes are so fucking organized now

Pushed some changes for my #gemini client that should eliminate flicker using its Windows renderer:

New version is now in Windows Store approval process!

ahhh i got iwyu working over my bazel repo and it even fixed all my includes and shit ahhhhh

germany orthographic reform makes me sad

i hope the eszett never goes away. it fucking rules

if you’re going to crow about corporations supporting fascists using a photoshopped version of a coca-cola ad isn’t actually working

why don’t you mention IBM and Hugo Boss instead, there’s actual evidence for those motherfuckers

I know not every single person on Masto is having an amazing time, but I find that most interactions are very enjoyable and uplifting. Other times, the interactions were illuminating, making me aware of other viewpoints and opinions, which is always a good thing.
Overall, Masto is a cool place to be.

Keep on being cool, kids.

in what is one of the dumbest fucking UI decisions ever made, the App Store’s Purchased menu sorts items by when you first downloaded them. so the iOS version of the app i use every day, Day One, is sorted all the way down in 2016, past dozens of apps i used once and then tossed

i knoe their migration assistant is super good i just like starting fresh on new hardware, you know?

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so I created a tiny little web service that takes an NES format chr (8x8 pixel tile) and returns a png.

the size spec at the end is optional. default size is 8x8 px

pal is a 4 character index into the nesdev 2c04 nes palette, where the availalble indexes are [A-Za-z0-9_~]

Why the fuck is Apple still shipping their flagship products with USB 3.0 cables

Kid wants to learn animation. He's used Wick, but it can't do everything he wants to do, and he's used up a trial of Adobe Animate.

I don't want to support Adobe's Creative Cloud keep-paying-every-month-forever subscription model.

Question for the fediverse: What animation drawing programs have you used? Which ones have you found to be easy to learn, capable, reasonably priced, etc?

We've looked at some of the other programs here, but I'm hoping for more context:

i did say i was done with git, didn’t i


i don’t want to change, change is hard and i have to stop coasting on my bullshit and actually learn something

listen you can’t pay me enough to write down all the shit i need to do, okay?

because then i need to look at it

I wrote 4,000 words about trying to write my own transpiler and implementation for an old proprietary game engine. read it, it has screenshots

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