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i finished my animation you can watch it here:

it may not make much sense if you’re not into SS13 but there it is

fuck bandaids

you can’t convince me they’re not engineered to twist up on themselves and fall off instantly

my monorepo is 500,000 lines of code, 2000 of which are HTML

gitea thinks my monorepo is 42% HTML

that’s not correct

yeah sorry i don’t know “node.js” i guess working at one of the largest technology companies in the world for my entire decade+ career isn’t gonna help you

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working at google completely fucked my career

need experience with AWS? guess i’m fucked
need experience with GitHub Actions? guess i’m fucked
need experience with docker? guess i’m fucked
need experience with k8s? guess I’m fucked
need experience with react? guess i’m fucked
need experience with jenkins? guess i’m fucked

shit, i don’t even have “google cloud” experience

if you work for a company capable of building everything themselves you’re fucking yourself

well the job application rejections are coming in

now’s the time when everything on my plate disappears and i work non-stop to kill every interview i’m in so that when they want to hire me *i* can turn *them* the fuck down

don’t even care about getting a job at this point, mostly just want every company that tries to hire me to waste their time as much as i have

it owns how i have to put every word of my google search in double quotes so it doesn’t try being clever in the service of giving me more useless results

okay well something in the way httpd deals with fastcgi changed and my gitea installation is fucking broken

i would never upgrade a linux system while hangover on half a bottle of sake but it’s openbsd so it’s just three fucking commands and i never have to think about it again

The place I thought didn’t care for me is along to come in for an interview with their CEO for a position two rings above what I applied for


You get this slice of a fraction of a glimpse into the wonder and complexity of an ancient, capricious universe, and then it’s snatched away just as quickly

no wonder people go in on that afterlife shit

Fuck life, man, the whole fucking premise

It’s just cruel

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@riotmuffin happy to report that this is an imminently viable construction, had to consume it rotationally.

I have to be careful recommending Escape From Tarkov to people. That’s the sort of thing that can ruin a life

heyyyy it’s the day i’m going to keep my mouth shut

When I used #openbsd, I liked #cwm, since it's in base and requires zero configuration. But one thing I missed really badly was having the date and time always visible on my screen. I told myself I could always just run "date" in the terminal I always kept open, or look at the clock on the wall across the room. But it didn't work out.

Does anyone have a good idea on how to achieve a desktop clock in a WM like this, that doesn't support leaving space for a panel (or something) that it knows not to cover?

gitea trying to make this PR has hung my whole server

decided i wanted to use the PR creation functionality in gitea and it promptly shits itself

i get friends are supposed to be there to be supportive and shit, but don’t fucking listen to them when they say to follow your passion

most passions pay incredibly poorly and there’s already a whole bucket full of crabs in any creative career

stick to doing forgettable shit

maybe one day apple will have enough money to fix so it doesn’t constantly, constantly, constantly skip music right at the end or the best parts of the song or just pause completely when (!?) is opened


if your youtube channel comprises of videos of animals having phone cameras shoved in their faces, crap put on their bodies, or recording a video of animals attacking each other when you should be interfering, you’re also fucking gone

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