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Hi I’m warriorstar. I write code and do a bunch of other stuff badly. I like the world and its history and old stuff. I listen to all kinds of music and love to travel.

Say hi, I really am trying to find cool people on here.

i did NOT forget she only has four fingers and it looks stupid as hell in the intro animation

watching a KQ7 playthrough i completely forgot rosella is a troll in chapter 2

A friend's garden at sunset in oversaturated insta-colours. This may not be exactly how it looked, but rather like it felt to sit there.
#florespondence #photography

yo what if starfield comes out and it’s just another radiant quest wasteland

Please boost if you like #haskell, niche programming languages, retro computing, or smallnet, please. I'm looking for online nerd friends.

if you need evidence about the direction that andrew lee is taking freenode, consider this one particularly out-spoken fan on twitter

the account is from september 2020 and has reliably been posting and retweeting exactly the kind of garbage you’d expect so i have little reason to doubt the authenticity of the views stated

fallout 4 update: curie getting more and more disenchanted with every morbid discovery

Leenode just k-lined everyone using IRCCloud

Their actual statement, from admin “@root”: “fck irc cloud”

“La vérité ne fait pas tant de bien dans le monde que ses apparences y font de mal.”

I will never forgive my parents for donating my coco 3 to the local elementary school

It probably went straight into the trash

And there genuinely was no reason to, we lived in a huge house, it wasn’t taking up any room, it was just this arbitrary decision they made

All that software and hardware just dumped in the garbage

To this day I have dreams about finding it intact in some dingy corner of a dilapidated repair shop

Two examples of #composite VS #digital RGBI on my #CGA Redux. This board is built with "new" style composite output, which saturates the colors a bit more than the "old" style.

I should really repair my Commodore 1084 for these tests, but for now this sucky #fleamarket flat TV will do.

#homebrewcomputing #retrocomputing

Because I am a stranger
Who has found an even stranger
I’ve finally found what I was looking for
Here I come

BREAKING NEWS: Scientists said you don't need to post everything you do

Now *that* is a comfy kitty. Both of them really, but Barry's showing how it's done.

another easy leetcode problem i can’t solve with an hour and a whiteboard

fuck this fuck this fuck this

fallout 4 horizon outcast desolation “Oops! All Ferals” playthrough update

we’ve been killing a lot of ferals (these are each from one individual AO

Ich wollte nur mal eben schnell den heftigen Regen fotografieren. Genau in dem Moment *zack* Blitz!

also the new genius layout adds huge ass video ads right in the middle of lyrics listings

i was double checking my formatting and saw a huge amount of whitespace and then i disabled my adblocker and was like ohhhhhhh

advertising is a the fucking plague, man

as soon as i added lyrics to genius and googled them, the site “matchlyric” had already completely scraped them and uploaded them

but hey information wants to be free, right? doesn’t matter how much fucking work you did to synthesize it

interestingly enough there is a hidden bounty system where if genius knows a song exists and you add the lyrics to it, you get extra points for the transcription

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