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After a year of storyboarding, programming, animating, and after 300 hours of rendering, it’s done


honestly i feel the same way about david bowie as i do about the mars volta, which is their songs are usually 80% meandering noodling and stilted lyrics surrounding 20% sheer unadulterated brilliance

Twitter is just so fucking incoherent nowadays

Every day there’s random posts on my feed with ten thousand likes with a bunch of fucking screenshots of other tweets and text so sarcastic and simmered in irony that you can’t even tell what the fuck they’re talking about or what or who they’re against or for

Please let’s make sure the fediverse never becomes that

How am I supposed to focus on anything important, or anything I think is important, when the world is drying up, burning down, and being poisoned?

Why are any of us doing this? What are we working towards?

I will never use commit hooks that modify file content

Leave my files the fuck alone, I committed what I wanted to commit

Them: the brilliance of emacs is all of your tools share the same interface

Me: like a command palette and incremental search?

Them: no, like C-x C-r C-c M-p M-u

With any luck, AI-generated art/video will cause multimedia to because completely untrustworthy and usher in a plain text renaissance

how do you start writing a game without falling down the hole of writing your own engine

ffmpeg encoding is like 10x faster on my mac studio than my iMac pro


Companies want people who are motivated, enthusiastic, and interested in solving problems. But they don’t get what needs solving and what is fine, what works as is and what needs radical rethought. And everyone is disincentivized to work hard because the reward is more work.

I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I just can’t work in a corporate environment as a software engineer

I can’t deal with “the business” wanting things but not knowing how to make those things tractable, the horrible bureaucracy accreting around every process, the incessant need to “deep dive”, the constant meetings, any of it. I’m done.

Gonna try and write software as an independent. Maybe a game. Whatever it is will be made simply, carefully, and thoughtfully

Google CEO Pichai: “There are real concerns that our productivity as a whole is not where it needs to be for the head count we have. [We need to] create a culture that is more mission-focused, more focused on our products, more customer-focused”

Nothing says focus like three focuses

gave myself acid reflux from too much indian food

i don’t give a fuuuuuuuuuck

“hairshirt environmentalism” usually applies to eliminating meat diets etc but that’s amateur hour

this essay describes how wasteful modern showers are (typical shower emissions equate to “3.5–7km of driving”, even before you factor in “water treatment and distribution”)

it suggests mist showers, sponge baths with cold water, or navy showers, < 5min, every few days

OMG are you suggesting we give up long hot showers?

depends, do you want to be part of the problem?

Based on current climate predictions, when is the last winter? When will no snow ever fall again, across the planet?

I hate software so fucking much and I hate the interests it’s been twisted to serve

5.8% increase in health insurance premiums


vscode gets so many new features every release it’s kind of fucking overwhelming

`bazel build //…`

let’s see how my monorepo survived the move to arm64

There’s going to be forty million thinkpieces about the merit and ethics and value behind using AI generative art in creative work and I can’t wait to read none of them

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