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With a bunch of new faces around I’m going to plug the shit I’m most proud of. Just one post I promise. It’s an animation, made in Blender, that tells a story within the universe.

“Purpose Theme” off the Hitman 3 OST is so fucking good, you can almost feel like Niels Bye Nielsen was completely aware of what he had created and is just pushing it to the limit

i’m so old fashioned i think polyphony is a sin

In summers past we’d challenge fate
With higher pitch and perfect aim
And standing fast, we’d radiate
A light we loved but never named

But the answers never came
Our shadows never looked the same

i don’t remember which broken brain thing that gets solved by just taking a shower but i just fixed it

I think my life would be a lot simpler if I could figure out how to stop my brain from doing anything when I hear people talking

Just let me not have to think about how dumb and simplistic your conversation is

That moment in the conversation when I know I need to disengage because otherwise the next words out of my mouth will be “OKAY but it’s not that SIMPLE”

Fuck magnets, how does fucking electricity work

what kind of person are you

Any Ulysses -> Obsidian users willing to share their thoughts on the transition? I like Ulysses but I’ve never really felt like it has actually provided value other than sorting notes into folders, and I’ve never really melded with the interface. Like trying to distinguish between note search and library search.

Today I’m thankful for SkyUI because holy shit is Skyrim’s interface terrible

“Well, you know what they say; it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

“Try it.”

Life is so fucking painful. The pain of loss, of seeing someone walk out your door, not knowing it will be the last time. The worry and fear when they don’t come home. The slow sharpening into focus of reality as something you relied on to be there every day now gone. The journey changes. Whatever it was you were working towards suddenly doesn’t matter at all. And then all it is, is a memory, which you try desperately to forget. The love of your life now something you never want to remember.

People will do and say anything if they think it will give them the slightest advantage. People will shit on anyone if they think it’ll make them more popular. People will lie about anything if they think it will allow them to avoid taking responsibility. They’ll play word games and rules-lawyer and will never admit to just doing the thing.

And I was so naive and stupid I got taken advantage of pretty much constantly by people like this.

Took me ages to understand that morality.

George Orwell’s name without “well” is just “Geor Geor”

the state flag of new fedi users is a screenshot of an unfunny twitter drama post with no alt text

thanks to the influx i’ve seen more screenshots of other social media networks on my timeline in the past week than in the prior year

and they’re all getting muted

just stop trying to make this place your personal gossip trough

haha get it i'm the ensign of a corporate entity but *ironically*

okay brands town was funny for 30 seconds it's gone now

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