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i don’t really do CWs. i think people should but i can’t get comfortable with describing how to couch things in that way, and more often than not i’m never really talking about one specific thing but trying to poke at the membranes between things

i strongly urge you to mute or block me if this distresses you. genuinely. you control your timeline, and this is my disclaimer so you are empowered to make the right decision for yourself.

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At any given moment millions of people are saying some stupid bullshit

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There is no setting on Mastodon that allows no replies to your post.

If you don’t want anyone to reply to your posts unless they’re looking at your profile, post Unlisted.

If you only want your followers to reply to your posts, post Followers.

If you want one person to reply to your posts, post Direct.

If you want no one to reply to your posts, switch to Twitter. Or keep a journal.

there really is no gaming experience like tarkov

i want to go back but it’s so exhausting

getting hardcore with #twm ✊🔥

also a nice warm chat with my posse jwh 👏👏👏 from 2017

#deskshot #nerd 🤓

after over 3 decades in a capitalist society i’m starting to understand why old people just fuck off into the woods

oh my god vscode why would you show the chunk count in your git diff summary and not the actual line count delta

like why the fuck would i care

bitcoin but on paper so it's easier to exchange anonymously

because ursula le guin didn't sell her work to audiobook vendors, or because it was a time when they weren't lucrative for private publishers, it's now become very hard to find these through legal means

instead i have to go to a russian torrent site, where it turns out they do exist, as cassettes lovingly produced by US librarians for people with disabilities, then carefully preserved through russian piracy while mass privatization in the US made them extinct

to go from half-assed codegen to a proper AST transformation step and seeing the cleaner generated code is so satisfying

it sounds like goofy advice when you first read it on their website, but when Bazel recommends you always ensure “bazel build //… && bazel test //…” succeeds, that’s really important advice

Unless you’re working on some local draft, keeping those working at HEAD goes a super long way towards discouraging bitrot in a monorepo

Just finished chairing a board meeting where we officially recommended to the city the abolition of late fees and the decriminalization of overdue books.

It's nice to get shit done once in a while

windows 10 requires three recovery questions for local, non-Microsoft-account-linked accounts

one of the worst things you can be “the kind of person who X”

the more you consider yourself the kind of person who X the less you’ll ever become the kind of person who Y, or the kind of person who doesn’t X, when either of those things become important/necessary/fashionable

crave change

next time that a white cop fills a black teenager with holes saying they “feared for their life”

remember that a single black Capitol police officer held his own against a huge mob of racist, fascist, armed insurrectionists and made a snap decision that saved the lives of the senate

did he fear for his life? yeah probably, but he didn’t murder innocent black teenagers. he stopped a violent mob from lynching their targets

his name is eugene goodman and he deserves a congressional gold medal

walking away from six figures in unvested stock hurts exactly as much as they designed it to

i’m thrilled as shit that people are taking advantage of massive bandwidth and storage to livestream themselves, their daily lives, to talk to strangers and lurkers and followers, to challenge and be challenged, to perform and watch performances

doesn’t mean i don’t hate what the web ultimately became, a trash fire of the worst aspects of marketing, commercialization, and sociology taken to the worst possible extremes

but i’m also not super concerned about making a 10kb website into a 5kb one

The president made headlines today, but not the good kind like you want

i’m writing three codebases simultaneously in the same project

- the AST parser/transpiler
- the API that interops with the transpiled code
- the server/client software to run the API+transpiled code

it’s testing my skills

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