Hi I’m warriorstar. I write code and do a bunch of other stuff badly. I like the world and its history and old stuff. I listen to all kinds of music and love to travel.

Say hi, I really am trying to find cool people on here.


Another random key presser here. I like metal, ost and classical music.

I love science, astrophysics and interact with other people from the fediverse.

Glad you're here

@falsifian not a damn thing. i’m stalling on a project because i need to do a thing i just did, just on a completely different OS, and it’s gonna be a hassle


@warriorstar Oops, that sounds annoying.

I learned there are some friendly people on #mastadon, at least reading the #introductions hashtag and on the #sdf server.

Also tried out a tool I'd been meaning to called drist. I guess I learned it behaves pretty much as expected, which is nice.

@falsifian yeah solene’s stuff is really great, i’m using her gemini server, vger

@warriorstar hi there human being made of baryonic matter! Nice to meet you

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