@warriorstar i get your point and i find jokes about JS really funny but what you're describing here is basically a high-level programming language, wouldn't you say ?

@Meandres @warriorstar I think JavaScript lacks an official standard library that frequently shared functionality can end up in.

@Meandres @warriorstar I wouldn't agree this is endemic in all or even most high level languages.

js/npm has a culture problem (imo, others may like it) that spawns this particular phenomenon where rather than organising and contributing to shared goals you just write another micro-package.

Once you have enough of these mutually independent micro packages it becomes "normal" for one direct dependency to pull in a hundred.

@Meandres @warriorstar compare to the Lua situation where there is not a widely used/accepted package manager (luarocks has issues on some platforms and many libraries aren't available there), so installing deps of deps of deps is untenable - you don't see this happening at all.

Lua is just as "high level" as js, but has a very different culture.

@warriorstar having a package is better than doing it yourself

webdevs be like
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