This “people can’t keep working in their pajamas” shit is not only completely tone-deaf but insidiously offensive

The people who have multiple houses, private jets, no-limit company cards, yachts, and penthouse suites want is to believe that PAJAMAS are a decadent luxury that is simply beyond the pale

Fuuuuuuuck you

@warriorstar I always just wore my Mom's old t-shirts as nightgowns when I was young, so I tend to think of actual pajamas as luxury items. I doubt that's what is happening here though.

@warriorstar this whole pandemic really shed light on some of the silliness that we could do without as humans.

@warriorstar 🧐Can't have The Workers getting comfortable, after all. They might become afflicted by the notion that they are flesh and blood human beings

@IridisSparks @warriorstar /s but also not /s, right? I mean, Starbucks treated its workers like actual human beings (unlike some similar service jobs) for a few years… and then all of a sudden their workers realized that they had some power in the relationship, and now they’re unionizing all over the place. Like five stores in my city last month alone. Just another case study - they gotta keep the workers real pressed down upon. Give us an inch, we take a foot

@solterrasa @warriorstar :DDDDD I hope The Workers take a whole kilometer.

Who do you think is doing all the work? The Workers are completely right to band together, and the CEOs are lucky that they're not simply taking it over, as happened to that one McDonald's.

@warriorstar I work in fancy pajamas and I love them.

...they do occasionally get other people's bodily fluids on them and that *is* less than ideal.

But whether this sentiment is about encouraging comfortable clothing during work hours or allowing people who can to work from home, I am all for it.


@warriorstar oh no my employees are wearing comfortable garments while they sit at the computer

this cannot be tolerated

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