It’s so easy to forget so here I am reminding myself again

The fact that I have

- a roof over my head
- clean water
- safe, sanitary food
- access to medical services
- stable and disposable income
- leisure time for personal pursuits

puts my existence on par with a level of luxury completely inaccessible to nearly every human alive

and unfathomable to nearly every single human who has ever lived and died

It’s so easy to forget

@warriorstar I'd add that we wield powers that were literally the sole province of gods, in many mythos. The ability to communicate with nearly anyone in the world, or see images of things happening far away.

The list goes on and on. But like you, I try to remember that in the history of the world, I and my family enjoy luxury beyond kings and emperors, with indoor plumbing, running water, refrigeration, and safe food .


@pseudonym @warriorstar

And I, for one, am a passionate advocate for extending those blessings : more of them, for more people, and not just for now, but far into the future.

We have the means.


@warriorstar When it comes to basic needs the past wasn't as bad as people tend to imagine. Stability has it's benefits too. People had a lot more leisure time before the industrial revolution and it only slowly got to more reasonable levels again during the 20th century. Many guilds even had health insurance (although that might mean bloodletting, but oh well).

My point is that the past wasn't all crawling around in dirt all the time. And that enlightenment-era narrative makes it hard sometimes to learn from the past.
History isn't a straight arrow from bad to good, it's many different arrows going all over the place and doing loop de loops.

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