C# is pretty nice. It feels weird. All the syntactic sugar feels weird.

@warriorstar I’ve poked at it a little bit, and it’s okay. Not being able to return multiple variables without forcing them into tuples shows it’s age though. Same with Ruby.

@jollyrogue @warriorstar you can do “return (x1,x2)” which is still a tuple, but looks smaller. You can add names like that “(first:x1, second:x2)”. Another option is to return dynamic object with “new { first = x1, second = x2 }”. If you don’t care about type safety you can also return object[ ]

@pavel @warriorstar
In Ruby?

After using Go and Python for years, the limitation feels old and constraining. It’s just weird programming languages of today wouldn’t have this feature.

@pavel @warriorstar I’m tinkering with Ruby right now, and I was hoping it was Ruby.

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