anyway my dyson vacuum came in a box with a picture of all the dyson products arranged in a simple illustrative design. and they spell out SLUT for no adequately explored reason.

i mean does this seem like it was written by a fucking human being to you?

just middleman upon middleman, every motherfucker trying to wet their beak


on one OS at least

for the first time my client is rendering messages in a full-blown embedded chromium client, rendered to an SDL texture


hey art/natural history/museum/music people

i’m looking for the original location of the mounted exhibit used on the cover of Interpol’s Our Love To Admire

i simply cannot find what museum, if any, this image comes from, and i’m desperate for a high resolution version of it

if you happen to know anything, please ping me


downloaded cppcoro. replaced over 800 lines of random build script garbage with a 150 line Bazel file

builds instantly

shout out to apple clang for supporting the coroutines TS

stuck in the cockpit of one of my SVs because it’s irradiated fog out and i never actually built a base with any protective qualities

UX Ranting 

At some point, UX designers around the world decided that all calls to action, regardless of severity, required ⚠️⚠️ GIANT WARNING SIGNS ⚠️⚠️. So this is a screenshot of the “Windows Security” control panel in Windows 10. It purports to share with you "security at a glance". It is comprised of seven categories represented by large icons. These icons may have notification badges on them. The germane ones are "Virus & Threat protection", "Account protection", and "App & browser control".

harvest moon for the SNES is one of my favorite games

here are two large (7680x7360) uncompressed images containing the mountain forest that i stitched together

there is a fall version and a winter version and i believe they are pixel-accurate

share and enjoy

this is one of my favorite parts of empyrion; right at the beginning where you’re just stringing resources along hand over fist to get your first vessel up and running

it has a wonderful nervous energy to it

DoomRPG has an “acid rain” level mutator, which adds the environmental hazard to everywhere in the level that is open to the sky

it’s pretty fucking brilliant and has worked well in the levels i’ve seen it in so far

i’ve released all of the code one needs to build and run the Donk transpiler/interpreter. Added a small command-line app that runs the interpreter on a known codebase and calls a provided /proc/main()

i’m a little proud of this ngl

end-to-end results from Dreammaker to C++

you need a top-level WORKSPACE.bazel with local repositories linked up but it should be painless if you know what you’re doing

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