okay, succeeded in beating my first hitman freelancer campaign. jesus christ. i’m so glad my map knowledge is so good.

Google fired Chris DiBona? Fucking seriously?

just had my first bullshit campaign failure in hitman freelancer

oh my god synology’s web control panel is so much fucking nicer than qnap’s

it’s just so clean and clear and straightforward and is only minimally obnoxious so far

After about 5 hours of playing the new rogue like mode in Hitman I can say it’s awesome. Missions are super tense, knowledge of the maps is rewarded, the randomization seems pretty fair, and it’s exciting buying new weapons even though they’re the same ones that have been available throughout the trilogy.

vscode achievement unlocked: “The Pylance server crashed 5 times in the last 3 minutes. The server will not be restarted.”

fucking bonkers that portable shell scripts are still a holy grail in the third decade of the twenty-first century

the earlier you build your test suite the more useful git bisect becomes

man, i miss computer fairs

what a strange ephemeral unique thing

@craigmaloney man i miss this, i grew up on linux and windows and it was this design era of Mac OS X that first made me want to switch when i was in undergrad

windows: time to restart for some updates

me: ok

windows: steam isn’t letting me restart

me: no it isn’t

windows: yes it is

me: okay nevermind *clicks cancel restart*

windows: one sec, have to finish restarting for this update. restarting…

and now it’s just hanging out on the ‘restarting’ screen doing nothing

achievement unlocked: caused go fmt to take literally over a minute to execute on one file

You can become anything you pretend to be, but it’s easier to just pretend

In other news, I’m looking for people with experience/suggestions working with monorepos which have nested workspaces due to the need to extract subprojects of the monorepos into standalone packages and what their dev cycle looks like

the TCI letter shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone

did you really think tech companies were going to keep handing out six figure salaries and RSUs once they decided they had extracted as much value from their engineers as they could?

ride’s over, friends, the edifices have been built, the power players have infrastructures 20 years in the making, the money making machines demand sacrifice, the line needs to keep going up

live your life with the confidence of someone who doesn’t watch a longform youtube video but comments on it how much it sucks anyway

i haven’t updated my home screen, or added some cool wallpapers, or customized all my widgets, on my iPhone, and it’s kind of… disappointing?

it all just kind of does what it needs to. lock screen has time, weather & activity rings. home screen is just 5 widgets with no app icons (batteries, activity, day one, daylio, omnifocus), and then when i need an app i just swipe to the app library and i can usually find the icon instantly

dunno. wish it were more… joyous. or fun.

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