so you live your life to the fullest. you live in another country. you jump out of a plane. you strike up a forbidden romance. you get drunk in first class jet setting across the world.

and then what? life stops giving, and starts taking.

the jetsetting lifestyle is grounded. the affair ends. the closet piles up with mementos from chapter after chapter of your story.

and then you’re stuck with it. every argument, every dance, every horizon. lodged in your heart like shrapnel.

here to go.

i’m gonna start hash-tagging everything, i don’t give a fuck, it’s impossible to find people to connect with on here and i’m sick of screaming into the void

@Cryoclaire can you explain what Maya was doing with the tied up dude and the knife in Ch 6 Pg 34 it has confused me since I saw it

and no, 2560x1600 is not “high resolution”

that is already smaller than the native resolution of the larger ipad pro


hey art/natural history/museum/music people

i’m looking for the original location of the mounted exhibit used on the cover of Interpol’s Our Love To Admire

i simply cannot find what museum, if any, this image comes from, and i’m desperate for a high resolution version of it

if you happen to know anything, please ping me


Hahaha the US still hasn’t voted on stimulus checks

Remember last year when Congress signed away 2.3 trillion dollars to “affected” companies (that didn’t have to prove they were effected)? That took em like 36 hours to decide on

Real people need help? Hmm better deliberate on that for over a month and a half

it’s very strange not to have to garbage up my repos with .dll’s and .so’s and whatever else because nearly every dependency is building from source, including painful ones like SFML

also if you want rudimentary bazel support for:

• fmtlib
• libpng
• peglib
• spdlog
• zlib

you can get all that shit here:

anyway if you want the most primeval support for cppcoro in Bazel for MSVC 14.16.27023, and Apple Clang 12.0, here ya go

builds the library, passes the tests as far as i can tell

how does it come to be, that a library implemented against a C++ compiler feature so new it’s not even fully supported in most compilers, also uses a build system that requires python 2.7?

cppcoro gets a ton of props for being pretty thoroughly documented, and seems to be the go-to library for anyone who wants to explain <coroutine>, since the first-party primitives are very clumsy

they get demerits for using a build system called “cake” which is apparently not to be confused with another build system called “cake”, which requires Python 2.7 to build (!!!) and adds another 10,000 lines to the build process (!!!)

today’s website of the day is github

ever wanted to search for code, and page through thousands of worthless results because every result is just a mindless fork of the original repo with no changes whatsoever?

try github

downloaded cppcoro. replaced over 800 lines of random build script garbage with a 150 line Bazel file

builds instantly

shout out to apple clang for supporting the coroutines TS

i’m looking for a c++17 compatible library that gives me single-threaded coroutines, so i can take a bunch of functions and run them, letting them pause their own execution to allow for the resuming of other functions

is that a thing or do i have to write it

stuck in the cockpit of one of my SVs because it’s irradiated fog out and i never actually built a base with any protective qualities

never give up the joke

never fall down the stairs

soldier on, soldier boy, soldier on

fuck i used to speak german so well and now it’s all rusting away

at least i can read enough to recognize that i’m still paying my GEZ despite not having lived there in five years

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