the composition of community support for blender can be approximated as follows:

25% of answers have complete screenshots and descriptions for a completely obsolete version

25% of answers have people attempting and failing to upload their .blend files somewhere

25% are experts giving descriptions, with an inevitable response that the user can’t find that button in the UI

25% are unanswered

well i was gonna post a video here of my progress but centOS actually wets itself if i ask it to install ffmpeg and compiling from source is for people who use gentoo, all six of them

@xerz i misspoke there actually sorry, what i meant was if i had one image texture i wanted to swap out for another, the image file property can’t be inserted as a keyframe in the UI, at least as far as i can find

was having a different problem with image sequences that i can’t remember but it seems like if i’m smart about it i can control the speed and delay of it with drivers and a variable based on the current frame

if i didn’t need linux for mastodon i wouldn’t use it

this is coming from someone whose linux pedigree goes back to installing RedHat 4.2 from discs I bought at a physical computer fair market

ffmpeg installation process on openbsd:

1. pkg_add ffmpeg

ffmpeg installation process on centOS

1. install a completely different package manager than the one the OS comes with
2. add a complete rando’s PGP key to my keychain to get the right repos
3. enable yum-config-manager “PowerTools”, because a tool that installs a package is definitely very powerful
4. install it
5. ffmpeg: error while loading shared libraries: cannot map zero-fill pages


@xerz i’m trying to learn how to use this right now and oh my god

i get that 3d software has some necessary complexity but a menu i was looking for was hidden behind an arrow icon 6x12 pixels large and that’s totally not neccessary

trying to add a driver to a rotation property and it won’t work because there already is one but there isn’t one listed in the driver outline

no support for image sequence animation control except dropping down to python


i could study for my interviews or i could get high, put on some vaporwave, and scare the shit out of myself in stalker anomaly

hmm hmm hmmmmmmh hm hm hm

Didn't I predict this was going to happen? Because, I distinctly remember predicting that bullshit like this was going to happen.

i would kill for a french dip right now

all with that au jus

@falsifian yeah solene’s stuff is really great, i’m using her gemini server, vger

@falsifian not a damn thing. i’m stalling on a project because i need to do a thing i just did, just on a completely different OS, and it’s gonna be a hassle


LRT Pinafore is a fantastic Mastodon client and I recommend it

Pinafore v1.24.3 


- Remove Pinafore from FLoC
- a11y fixes

Release notes:

at my next job i firmly resolve to not have Opinions so Loud and Often so people can Tolerate me

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