I wonder if Music.app is going to be any better in Monterey

I fucking doubt it though



i still can’t believe NYC just let the rules on alcohol to-go lapse

like, how can any one of them consider themselves a proponent of small business when they let something like that happen?

it's work-in-progress and kinda experimental because i don't know how well it would actually scale but

inspired by @codl's forget.codl.fr/, here is a PR to implement automatic post cleanup in #Mastodon



@seventy @seachaint I mean amortized across all humanity he’s probably right, more people probably only have one arm versus people who have three

And now I’ve ruined the joke, byeeee

Despite being a native English speaker I thought the antonym to “over the counter” was “under the counter” until I was about 15

my video has slightly over 2,000 views which makes me very happy because that’s roughly equivalent to the average number of active SS13 players at any given time

so i’m satisfied



i clicked a link in my CVS pharmacy refill e-mail to go to my account and i got this fucking error:

“Denied - Service Unavailable
Your traffic behavior has been determined cause harm to this website. There are a few reasons this might happen:

- You're moving through this website at super-human speed
- Your behavior navigating the website has been identified as bot-like
- Your traffic resembles a Denial of Service (DDoS)”

i clicked one link. in an e-mail. they sent me.

Current status: upgrading computer. Kitty status: helping.

for the longest time it always confused the fuck out of me that on a site called “hacker news”, people would say the dumbass things they said, and i knew part of it was ring-kissing VCs but i just realized the other issue

as an engineer your mind is inevitably forced to work with precision and rigor in all walks of life

HN posters post as if they have never built that instinct up, ever, like at all


LinkedIn, the WEBSITE, took over my media control keys when it played a sound notification for an incoming message. now I can just hit play on my keyboard and hear the notification sound over and over again

stop writing software you are bad at it

You can’t pay me enough to give a shit about defending what I already know versus what is waiting to be understood

How can I call myself intelligent when I don’t know what popular or accepted scientific theory could be totally upended tomorrow?

working on the sky and clouds. here's what the geometry looks like, too. i find it easier to manipulate vertices than pixels tbh


By adding a command pane to Terminal that works the same as VSCode two small teams at Microsoft has inadvertently done more to unify UX than all of Apple altogether over the last 3 years

Managed to put together a great set of mods for GTAV that basically make it so I have to hustle in gang warfare and dealing to make it through the city alive

Gangs in rival territories will shoot on sight and Franklin only starts with a small gang on Strawberry and has to expand out

It fucking rules

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