as someone who lived through all the worst bullshit of microsoft, their modern offerings are just genuinely capable and useful. powershell, windows terminal, vscode, it’s all just really nice

shame about the OS

Been thinking about those drug-addled lever-pushing mice a lot lately

@brion I want to play again but I’m still sore from the game being in a running state according to steam as it takes longer than the steam refund period to download all its content

I could live to 80 and die peacefully in my sleep, or get hit by a car tomorrow. No matter how long it takes, the destination is the same. Death. Every sense obliterated, every conscious thought terminated.

And then what? Nothing, forever.

No one can know what it’s like to no longer be.

I feel really gross when I see videos of like people putting their cats in front of screens and shit

Technology is bad enough that you don’t need to try and inure animals to it

Like wow they’re staring at the screen, good thing humans aren’t so easy pliable

I hope all those Russians fleeing their homes and loved ones consider the environmental impact of flying and choose more eco-friendly forms of transportation

might fuck around and drink a coffee after 5pm

i am getting actually disgusting content in my youtube recommendations, how do i completely obliterate everything about how it determines recommendations

“Of course AI will never replace programmers! Think of all the bugs!”

modern software development environments are absolutely mind-blowing relative to the past

the state of the art will always move forward but some people don’t really have a conception of how terrible writing code used to be

the return to monkey island pre-order includes a DLC that I don’t know what it does but it’s called “horse armor” so oh boy

i need to fucking remember to just have file logging in every fucking python script i write by default

just ugh

90% of the history of the human race is “look at that different thing! let’s hate it!” nee is over two decades old and is only getting worse

It is brain-bashingly easy to make it lose its mind and fail to work completely

i am using inkscape and i take back every negative thing i ever said about blender’s UI

“The only winning move is not to play” is preternaturally useful advice

So much agony in life can be avoided if you just don’t fucking get involved has a jaw-droppingly awful UI. just an absolute fucking disaster.

Wikipedia is going to have so much work to do

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