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I released a new game today! Bonesweeper is a prototype of a small puzzle game inspired by Minesweeper. Excavate some fossils, build some skeletons! #fossilfriday #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev

holy shit

i took objective-c++ code from god knows when, and built it against a C++20 draft implementation and clang didn’t even blink

kudos to the clang team

well of course i’m going to try and compile an objective-C++ implementation against the C++ 2020 working draft support in clang, how on earth could that possibly go wrong

Trying to use Lagrange (, a Gemini browser) on my #PinePhone and got it to render something outside #Phosh multi-tasking preview by setting SDL_VIDEODRIVER=wayland. Now, only scaling needs to be fixed.

i’d like to offer up another response to “it works on my machine” which is “your machine sucks, you have three versions of python on there, four different javascript package managers, none of your command line tools follow a consistent syntax, and your builds are powered by 5,000 line cargo-culted configure scripts, it’s a fucking miracle it works on your machine either”

there’s lots of things i don’t miss about living in munich—just now remembering how the entire city is closed on sundays, and every other day after 8pm

but man there’s a ton that i do miss

venerable old libraries with configure scripts for everything from VMS to OS/2 and never adopt new language features or libraries is one of the biggest obstacles to productivity i’ve ever faced

i’ve had to install *multiple build systems* just to understand the output of one *particular* build system just to understand what actual fucking commands are being sent to the compiler & what magical exist

and they don’t even solve the API-agnostic problem they purport to solve!

this is seriously my white whale for the week

why on earth do people use SDL when nearly all of the major libraries for it just assume you’re using OpenGL

like i’m baffled about how this ecosystem works

hit the file-a-bug-and-wait-for-a-response point of this project so now i’m fucking stuck and pissed about it

i’m slowly beginning to understand why everyone just writes their own GUI for games

like i seriously wasted two days worth of work integrating a library that builds on SDL (!) but only if OpenGL is the backend (???)

like that doesn’t even leave out metal, it leaves out direct3d

you have written a linux-only library without even knowing it

well i guess i’m throwing out all that code

why would you build a library on top of SDL and then require the use of OpenGL, and not be API-agnostic, like, you know, SDL

i remember hearing a story about some c++ compiler or ruggedized piece of industrial hardware that ran it where the sheer act of including <string> would cause 8MB of video drivers to be loaded into RAM

does that sound familiar to anyone or am i bonkers

There’s some food it feels wrong to order

I have no issue getting sushi delivered, but I won’t order steak tartare

Also good steak from steakhouses

Just seems wrong

if you are using Bazel and want mostly working rules with macOS and windows support for:

- sdl2
- sdl2_ttf
- sdl2_image
- sdl2_mixer
- sdl2pp
- dear imgui
- fmtlib
- freetype2
- glew
- libpng
- peglib
- spdlog
- zlib

then check out and see if they work for you

You, a tech startup with millions in angel finance: made an app to turn handwritten maths into TeX.

Me, just the worst kind of smart alec: convinced a pen #plotter to turn TeX into handwritten maths

what is the name for a library that is so venerable and utilized that no one ever attempts to improve its API or safety because it would invalidate all the search results for its documentation?

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