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the opposite of “pants” is “mint”

“Wow, that was a really pants presentation.”
“Wow, that was a really mint presentation.”

I will not be taking questions

i’ve gone too far
she’s the apogee of my love

anyway my dyson vacuum came in a box with a picture of all the dyson products arranged in a simple illustrative design. and they spell out SLUT for no adequately explored reason.

the thing they don’t you about expatriation is that even when you come back you don’t come back

a mirror universe cleaved off, and in it, you are still there, getting your permanent residency, taking harder language tests, making friends somewhere beautiful, somewhere inland, safe from the rising tides

here’s how i feel about working from home

you want me to work on a laptop? get me the laptop
you want me to have a business phone? buy me the plan
you want me to rent out my apartment to you so i can work there? buy me an apartment with an office

i’m not breaking up the nurturing place i’ve built around myself to try and shove your idea of work/life balance into it

if i could make the comments i wanted to make on linkedin i would never get a job

no sorry i don’t have professional experience with “sidekiq” i was busy working on the largest products and infrastructure in the world for my entire career

okay i have to remember that outside of a faang, people use products and tools made by other companies altogether

just looking at paid software products like … why would you not just write this in-house, oh yeah, most people don’t do that

i mean does this seem like it was written by a fucking human being to you?

just middleman upon middleman, every motherfucker trying to wet their beak

the whole *web* feels stale now. all these product pages and lists of bullet points and css animations

there are 3.9 billion people on the internet and it just feels so… also-ran. the whole thing. none of it feels genuine. just endless amounts of content, half of which is generated by botnets

web designers in every company tooling with fonts and color contrast like goddamn you know how many times we’ve been here before

the web feels dated and cheap

every time i try to recount something from my experience as an engineer it just ends up sounding like an old piece of dead weight reminiscing about the past

goddamnit i should have learned so much more over my career

I wonder if Apple is going to focus on small incremental things soon like uhhhhh my music cutting out if there’s a media message visible in when I command-tab to it

Like come on no one tested opening music and messages at the same time?

Hi I’m warriorstar. I write code and do a bunch of other stuff badly. I like the world and its history and old stuff. I listen to all kinds of music and love to travel.

Say hi, I really am trying to find cool people on here.

I put the B in suBtle
... just like that, just whatever huge old B I had lying around, slap it in there, not like I even give a shit.

no matter how you feel inside the whole world silently judges you as you age

how do i know that if i make a PDF from say, macOS’, or google docs, or pandoc, that it it will actually be parseable and not have any weird issues across a broad range of PDF parsers?

i wonder how many people there were during my career that I thought were really good at their jobs or a cut above and the reality is they suck

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