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You know that saying “trust but verify?”

Turns out it’s faster if you skip the trust and just go straight to the verify

i’m only 20% overall completion in MGSV but i can already tell the replayability is going to be through the roof with PC mods

but i should finish the fucking game first

I've been looking hard for a modern static website generator for a knowledgebase, where I can write and organise webpages (not just time-sorted blog entries) in markdown, with support for pandoc-style academic references (citeproc) and usable themes. Any leads?

@brunoph mastodon is great and it’s basically open on my mac 24/7, kudos

would you be able to add support for selection of links starting with the gemini:// protocol?


okay it’s 25º and only going to get hotter, i’m closing the windows

i’m such a delicate flower

i feel like the older i get the more scared i get and the more anxiety i have about everything, and i don’t know if this is normal, and i don’t think it is, but it’s making it fucking impossible for me to do things i used to love doing, and i can’t stand it

i have flown so much over the past decade and now i’m just terrified of it

i just don’t wanna fucking die in a plane crash, you know?

itching in the back of my head to play CDDA again, that stupid bullshit piece of shit fucking fuck fuck game

that’d be fun

Me: I need to focus on the important tasks and stop letting my mind wander

Also me: What if I had an accounting system for all my possessions with individual ID numbers! I could spend just days organizing and labelling everything…

re WFH, why the fuck we should care about ensuring the maximum amount of productivity when the past 4 decades of productivity gains have resulted in absolutely no benefit to workers’ income

@Dee it's actually an 18 pin connector so it uses a TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS connector.

#perl #perlligraphy

It doesn't work work me, writing code with a dip pen is terrible, don't do that.

The term “hard 6” will never fail to make me laugh regardless how mean-spirited it is

That thread about your most controversial programming opinions is so damn good

An inspired idea

After 35 years on this hell rock and countless relationships of every kind and circumstance, I’m finding it very hard to believe I can still be romantically interested in someone

After a while it’s just… I’ve been more lucky than I deserve to be when it comes to genuine human connection, I shouldn’t get greedy

Being prepared always looks like being over-prepared when the dangers are perceived as distant or abstract.

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