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the actual interface for adding songs/albums/metadata on genius is insanely fucking bad and hobbled by the need to accumulate points to edit certain things

like, for example, it costs no points to add a song transcription for an artist. but you can’t create an album to add the song to until you have 300 points

adding one song is 100 points and you are forced to wait five minutes in between adding songs, even if you’ve transcribed them beforehand

real dumb

who the fuck keeps adding dictionary definitions to slang in urban dictionary, what the fuck is wrong with you, do you not understand the purpose of the site

is there a way to get chrome to dump out the html that it thinks the javascript created? I've got a page that is nothing but a javascript loader and I want the dom it produced

I left my last job because at my worst mental health state I asked to be able to WFH two days a week

I was told it was unworkable from a management and logistics standpoint

Two weeks later COVID happened and suddenly it was workable

for everyone at the company

five days a week

with everyone suffering from mental health fatigue

for over a year

my favorite depression, the “you don’t need to eat, you ate 16 hours ago, suck it up, you’re fine” kind suggests that in about four weeks, if current trends continue, libera will have overtaken freenode in user population

can’t fukken wait

Andrew Lee completely wiped the freenode website, policies, support documents, and replaced the terms of service with the kind of worthless bullet points you’d see in the TOS of a “free speech”, no-moderation fedi instance

All the years of hard-won lessons about community moderation and management were just removed wholesale from the site

The commit message: “freenode is IRC”

dream roles i would play in movie adaptations:

- prince alexander from the king’s quest series
- spider jerusalem from transmetropolitan
- daniil dankovsky from pathologic
- nick valentine from fallout 4

so often playing hardcore survival, fallout 4 horizon, stalker anomaly, whatever, i can sort of focus on the game and still have stuff running through my head

with tarkov you’re just there, and there’s no room for anything else. every sound, every stray pixel, the whole atmosphere and the potential dangers just brought me to laser focus

so damn good

sometimes a song from the tarkov OST will show up in my playlist and like instantly bring me to tears. it’s really weird. i have a weird relationship with that game.

getting as good at tarkov as i did before i stopped playing is one of the highlights of my video game history

really nothing else like it

i regret to report the new danny elfman album is not very good

"I said my sword was a tool of justice. Not used in anger. Not used for vengeance. But now... Now I'm not so sure. And besides, this isn't my sword. OK. Let's dance."

Thinking bout that time I confused ?uestlove for Reggie Watts

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