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maybe i should just try and do a mostly vanilla skyrim run instead of this shit where i’m constantly getting murdered in pitch-black dungeons before going outside and freezing to death

i’ve noticed i basically perform a google search about once every two minutes

it’s insane, basically any question i have, thinking or reading about anything, i plug into google, it’s basically constant

the sidewalks are clogged with fucking idiots that don’t know how to negotiate foot traffic which means that the tourists are back in NYC

Maybe I’ll make it another day, maybe I won’t.

An angry god scares me less than a capricious universe.

fuck, i might need to do an openmw playthrough soon

.cc and .h are the proper C++ extensions do not @ me

What do you do when you’re 35 and you’ve been in survival mode your whole life and you no longer have the spite and ambition to push yourself beyond your limits?

Settle for a “less stressful” job? Aww I can’t handle “stress” anymore. I just want to go home and turn my brain off. But I never did before.

After 9 months without working side-by-side with other engineers, I understand now why people who don’t need to work continue to work

I’m not on the bleeding edge anymore and I’m rusting

I’m going to have this champagne and then another and possibly one more then I have to get back to the 200-file merge conflict I’m in the middle of

This won’t go bad

i hereby christen this project with the ceremonial copying of the “utilities” class

12 hour patrician retrospective of oblivion is out, who wants to come over

instead of making skyblivion or morrowrim just break the dragon post morrowind, fork the entire universe from there, and make a new sequel to morrowind

medium: “create a free account to read this article!”
me: ugh fine
medium: “great! now all you need to do is pay 5 dollars a month to read this article!”
me: ??? guess i’m not reading it then?

Oh cool another day in this bullshit universe

there are so many things wrong with the grubhub app it would take an hour to list em all

does anyone else think stack overflow fucking sucks?

salty bet is interdimensional cable as far as i’m concerned

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