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Embedded YouTube videos have started ignoring the difference between a tap and a tap-scroll so they’ll start playing even if you’re just touching it only to keep scrolling the page

I’m positive this is intentional

the nomenclature surrounding USB-C and power delivery has fucked any ability to perform productive internet searches

“USB-C hub” means a piece of cheap plastic that plugs into another device via USB-C and provides passthrough alongside 6 other worthless ports. same with “USB-C docking station”.

“multiport USB-C charger” means a shitty wall wart with one USB-C port and 3 worthless Type A ports


it’s been 18 years and i still remember every single word to konstantine

this incredibly complex process that should completely deterministic is not and i think i might be done for today

i hate sandwich shops

i don’t want to “make my own sandwich”

just tell me what’s a good sandwich

i guess i have to accept that i’m working with so much data that this is just going to take this long


the bottleneck for my golang program is strings.Join lmao

there’s nothing golang programmers love more than linking people to effective go and the language reference

it makes them feel so fucking good, the notion that that documentation is so good it answers most questions

i should write some fucking unit tests once in a while

“Come Fly With Me” is one of the best quests in gaming history

I don’t necessarily want to die and I’m not suicidal but right now life feels like a film in a theater I’m ready to walk out on

First year since the 3GS I didn’t buy a new iPad one and first year ever I didn’t buy a new Apple Watch

Just too incremental an update to be interested

well that’s my monorepo permafucked because git got sad and confused

holy shit i confused git so much it thinks untracked files have been committed

it’s so crazy to look at what morrowind was, how weird it was, how many unique cultures it had with their own clothing, philosophies, and goals, the varied environment, and the metaphysics

and then look at skyrim, this absolutely rote paint-by-numbers high fantasy escapism with no deeper message, political complexity, or variety

It bothers me when people characterize smartphones as worthless toys only good for doomscrolling and gacha games because they can’t think of anything better to do with their phones or do any research into making their devices effective

like maybe your phone is a toy but I have over a decade of journal entries, photos, research, and notes on mine, all of Wikipedia, sophisticated text editors, python scripting and automation, and polished SSH and Git apps; it’s basically my second brain

what do people do about the fact that

modern shells and programmer tools allow so much customization and new features

but the lack of homogeneity across platforms/systems means you’re just stuck using the lowest common denominator functionality

we can bang on all day about apple’s use of the “Pro” nomenclature but windows 10 Pro is required for an offline local account

you know, a real fucking power user feature

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