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Hello, I'm new and a little lost around here. I was asked to make an #introduction post so here I go: My name is Chris, I work as an documentary filmmaker and photographer in central america, mainly focused on social movements. I am also interested in all open source, Linux and cybersecurity stuff.

OOP or nah

on a medium article that has the following two messages:

“You have 1 free member-only story left this month. Upgrade for unlimited access.”


“You’ve read all your free member-only stories.”

but, like, the ‘story’ i’m trying to read, i can’t

so what the fuck ever

I feel lost in the meta discussion about if it’s reasonable/acceptable for writers to use details of the lives of others in their writing

Like roman à clef is a thing, and writers like Hemingway were pretty unabashed and direct about the inclusion of the lives of his friends in e.g the sun also rises (though I can’t find any discussion about whether they approved of it)

I’m not a writer so my evaluation means zilch but yeah

what’s the best thing you’ve read on this week

the coolest people on the internet are the ones who when you argue with them are like “you just proved my point, thank you for proving my point”

Still thinking about that roast beef sandwich I had for lunch


Embedded YouTube videos have started ignoring the difference between a tap and a tap-scroll so they’ll start playing even if you’re just touching it only to keep scrolling the page

I’m positive this is intentional

the nomenclature surrounding USB-C and power delivery has fucked any ability to perform productive internet searches

“USB-C hub” means a piece of cheap plastic that plugs into another device via USB-C and provides passthrough alongside 6 other worthless ports. same with “USB-C docking station”.

“multiport USB-C charger” means a shitty wall wart with one USB-C port and 3 worthless Type A ports


it’s been 18 years and i still remember every single word to konstantine

this incredibly complex process that should completely deterministic is not and i think i might be done for today

i hate sandwich shops

i don’t want to “make my own sandwich”

just tell me what’s a good sandwich

i guess i have to accept that i’m working with so much data that this is just going to take this long


the bottleneck for my golang program is strings.Join lmao

there’s nothing golang programmers love more than linking people to effective go and the language reference

it makes them feel so fucking good, the notion that that documentation is so good it answers most questions

i should write some fucking unit tests once in a while

“Come Fly With Me” is one of the best quests in gaming history

I don’t necessarily want to die and I’m not suicidal but right now life feels like a film in a theater I’m ready to walk out on

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