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Hey.. does anybody out there want a crate of #Construx? I'm cleaning stuff out and found a bunch of mine. They're all vintage, from the very beginning all the way until they stopped making them. I don't know how many sets I have, only that some are the originals, some are the outer space sets, some are the alien sets, and some are the army sets. Even has the LED light kit, though I don't know if it still works or not. There might be random other toys in here because i did a lot of mixing and matching.

Let's say.. $45us for the whole box? Buyer pays shipping (TBD).

First come, first serve.

#retro #toys #bulding #kids

I’m so tired of retreading and ruminating over all the insane broken regrettable embarrassing shit I’ve done in my life.


All true knowledge was revealed to man by God at the beginning of the world, allowing for the Golden Age, and most has been since forgotten or corrupted, leading to all the evil men to avoid punishment. Therefore:
1. Any remaining knowledge needs to be preserved and obeyed literally.
2. Knowledge can be restored, either through studying carefully selected classics, or by direct inspiration of the chosen.
3. Any who criticizes or rejects the true knowledge has to be destroyed to prevent corruption.

did Hellsing have any kind of moral? or lesson?

i think it was basically “look at this badass vampire as he reveals how fucking badass he is over and over”

oh good, another day in this reality, just what i was hoping for

has the free software foundation ever materially supported, discussed, or written licenses to support video game modders, games with abandoned servers, shards, or abandonware?

You know trains in the US don’t have espresso machines?

We are as savages

Has the free software foundation ever engaged seriously with the gaming community about protecting the rights of mod authors? Or community servers for unsupported online games?

Far Cry 5 was compelling in a certain way, and the story was rote but serviceable, but the thing I remember the most about it was I upgraded a pistol with a silencer right at the start and used that weapon the entire rest of the game with no challenge whatsoever

for a country that prides itself on innovation, and a business environment that shouts from the rooftops about disruption, risk-taking, and ambition, the reaction to covid has been disappointing beyond words

no other thought but “how do we make sure worker output isn’t reduced one iota”

does anyone know of any company that has seriously rethought the work environment as a result of covid?

I asked my company what the plan is to replace open floor plans post covid since that seems incredibly unsafe and suboptimal

Their ambitious, progressive, and formidable solution?

HEPA filters. Like the little portable ones

in a VC:

presenter: "I know we're over time so I'm just going to quickly go through the next few slides"


if your meeting runs over you apologize, schedule a follow-up, and end the meeting

like, for real, what the fuck

and, of course, sick days aren't a thing at all

you're home already, right? just work as usual

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it has literally been just instructions and marching orders about devoting even more time to work

just shit like "make sure everyone knows when you're available to maximize your attention" as if the problem is people just don't care enough about remote work to pay attention to it

and shit like checking in more often informally on each other, just offloading the effort of making remote work effective, and the emotional toll, from the companies to the employees

breathtaking in its myopia

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it blows my mind how tepid and uninspiring the corporate world has been in reaction to the pandemic

in the year or so I've been out of work I would have thought some company would have come up with some innovative response

some conversation about whether we should be doing all this work, or how badly parents/children are being affected, or shorter weeks

but no it's literally just instructions/orders on being productive as possible, as if it's in a vacuum

disappointing but not unsurprising

f(x,y) = (-(((~x) * (y / x)) ^ (~(-y)))) % 13

Extent: 256x256 (scaled x2)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.

Ideally in the ASSET > LIABILITY calculus for what you provide to your employer, you should have zero of the latter:

• No family leave/emergencies
• No sick days
• No accommodations
• No need for employee resources

This may sound extreme or even impossible but the takeaway is:

Give them no ammunition. Give them nothing to point to for evaluating your performance beyond your impact.

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No matter what your company says about caring about employees, about their benefits and HR services offered, their mission statement, whatever:

Assume it’s lip service until proven otherwise

And even then, remember that every thing you request from the company, any way you deviate, makes you a little bit more of a liability

Your entire employee calculus should boil down to ASSET > LIABILITY

i am so, so, so, so, so fucking sick of

• auto-updating software, especially games
• software that demands you restart it
• software that forces new UX on you in the guise of “welcome to the new $SOFTWARE!” as if anyone wanted it

f(x,y) = ((((x | y) - (x % y)) - ((x * 15) | (~x))) / (~((-x) ^ (18 | y)))) % 12

Extent: 512x512 (scaled x1)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.

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