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If I were to be a high school teacher I’d have to teach multiple subjects throughout the year

How else are you going to instill good metaphysics in the children otherwise

I wonder if that initiative to ban private traffic from the Munich Altstadt ever succeeded

People who tell you to “do your own research” on the holocaust haven’t read a single page of the Nuremberg Trial transcripts

Most of the documents entered into evidence is typed in Russian or German, or horrible cursive versions of those languages, but people who “do their own research” haven’t translated a single word on a single page

People who think history is a long unbroken chain of comprehensible events with specific dates and times distress me

can any germans give examples of things employers write on recommendation letters to get around the whole “you can’t say bad things about former employees” rule, that indicate how bad an employee is?

i need any and all tips on how to render large volumetric meshes faster, and also how to render smoke in domains faster

like i’m going to need to render thousands of frames with moving smoke and fog; any tricks or bullshit i can get away with would be insanely helpful

Hi! I'm considering writing a book that helps people (like you?) create beautiful, easy-to-read #dataviz.
What do you struggle with? What would be useful to read? Let me know so that I can make the book better for everyone. Here are nine questions I have:

I feel for OBS during this StreamLabs controversy but complaining the “spirit” of an open source license was not followed is bonkers

Contract law doesn’t have a “spirit”, if you want something protected, protect it in a way a lawyer can point at

Like, of course they’re not going to go above and beyond their legal responsibilities

I should probably just preemptively mute this despite the gazpacho-like temperature of this “take”


“How do I do X in Y?”

✅ “you should read up on how Y works.”

Oh, so you don’t actually have an answer, huh

thinking about the costume design in inception

I’ve been writing code for nearly 25 years and the world has changed so much, software development nowadays is wild, and life gets a little easier when you discard the all-too-common curmudgeon act

you’re only holding yourself back if you insist things can never be better than they were because you will miss when they are

Once I typed “you” to jump to YouTube and instead googled “you” and got dumb results about the tv show of the same name

I visit YouTube several dozen times a day, but now “you” permanently autocorrects to the google search I accidentally made once

And every time that happens safari gets more convinced I really want to do that search every time

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There is no piece of software I fight more with than my browser’s URL bar

No browser in existence knows how to provide sane auto completion without taking over when it thinks you’re typing something it already knows

for most people life is a series of stories we tell ourselves as we make our way through the inevitable stages of life

the best thing you could ever do for yourself, for whatever counts inside you, is to stop telling those stories

a map that matches the territory is more valuable than any amount of money, any accolade, any reward

One of the most valuable things in the world you can do to survive in this reality is to keep your mouth shut

Let other people be compelled to speak by social pressure

Let other people spill their guts

Give them zero ammunition

Hey.. does anybody out there want a crate of #Construx? I'm cleaning stuff out and found a bunch of mine. They're all vintage, from the very beginning all the way until they stopped making them. I don't know how many sets I have, only that some are the originals, some are the outer space sets, some are the alien sets, and some are the army sets. Even has the LED light kit, though I don't know if it still works or not. There might be random other toys in here because i did a lot of mixing and matching.

Let's say.. $45us for the whole box? Buyer pays shipping (TBD).

First come, first serve.

#retro #toys #bulding #kids

I’m so tired of retreading and ruminating over all the insane broken regrettable embarrassing shit I’ve done in my life.


All true knowledge was revealed to man by God at the beginning of the world, allowing for the Golden Age, and most has been since forgotten or corrupted, leading to all the evil men to avoid punishment. Therefore:
1. Any remaining knowledge needs to be preserved and obeyed literally.
2. Knowledge can be restored, either through studying carefully selected classics, or by direct inspiration of the chosen.
3. Any who criticizes or rejects the true knowledge has to be destroyed to prevent corruption.

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