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You’re a watch

Shut the fuck up unless it’s something about time

Sheer fucking agony for how apple deals with notifications and managing them

And shared activity notifications aren’t in the watch app or on the watch. It’s in the fitness app on the phone and must be disabled for EACH FRIEND SEEPARATELY

Fucking mind blowing to me that there’s no way to silent all notifications on the Apple Watch except for timers and alarms, except by going through every fucking app and manually modifying the notifications

i had coffee two hours later than normal and now i’m jittery as fuck forever

windows is a 36 year old piece of software and its search is still fundamentally broken beyond all possible hope

if it weren’t absolutely required for gaming i would never run windows, not for a second, not for a millisecond

if you put a shortcut on your desktop, windows 10 start menu search can find it

if you pin it to your taskbar, windows 10 start menu search shits itself and gets confused and sad and can’t find it at all

literally uninstalling discord completely because it somehow manages to ignore windows system startup task settings

fuck you


This was a commission, and it's easily one of my favorite pieces from this year!

You can read more about this piece here:

“The internet is for looking at pictures of cats” has somehow turned into “I can’t go on Reddit, twitter, discord or YouTube without seeing a video of a cat where I honestly can’t tell if it’s animal abuse or not”


Leave your pets the fuck alone

Stop giving people incentives to subject their animals to constant harassment for the sweet internet points

a bank gives a gambler a loan

the gambler spends it all on the races and receives no winnings

this is the lender’s problem and they need to get better at risk assessment

a bank gives a student a loan

the student is unable to pay it back due to degree inflation and wage stagnation

this is the lender’s problem and they need to get better at risk assessment

if lenders wanted their money back they wouldn’t engage in a form of business in which every loan they gave required risk assessment

a loan not being paid back is not a moral or economic failing

it is a demonstration of the lender’s inability to calculate risk

living in the time i do, with the money i have, the comfort i have, the technology i have access to, the health care available to me, i’m one of the luckiest people in human history

for some reason this fills me with a massive guilt, like it’s wasted on me

i don’t think we emphasize enough that in the US schoolchildren, who are already exhausted from unnecessary busywork, waking up too early for their physiology, and are forced to endure the pandemic, are also forced to be scared for their fucking lives all the time because of the threat of school shootings/bombings

living in america desensitizes you to this sort of thing and you can’t let that happen

we can’t be inured to how reprehensibly we treat future generations

for like 15 years i thought it was appropriate for a coder to have this custom development environment, shell all configured properly, emacs or vim with a shitton of plugins installed, perfect color scheme and font, the whole 9 yards

you don’t need any of that

my latest job i installed vscode, customized nothing (not even the COLOR SCHEME), and just started typing code into the little box

don’t fool yourself into thinking you need a boutique setup, just start typing code into the little box

I wonder what lame bullshit they’re going to say about me at my funeral

it’s so hard to believe we’re living in the end of the human civilization

in retrospect there was no way we would have been able to meet the challenge of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change

just too short sighted, too narrow minded, too cowed and scared to grind the machine to a halt and demand the people in power do something

love our cheap plastic crap too much, love our cars too much, love our luxury too much, love having more children too much

not sure we ever had a chance

Is docker actually some kind of blessing in disguise or is my initial intuition that it’s a huge amount of garbage correct

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