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I don’t know how I’m supposed to care or give a fuck about anything other than the fact there will not be even two or three generations after us

It’s just going to be year after year of climate collapse until the whole fucking show is over, and our husked, rotting institutions will do nothing to stem the tide or slow down our path to decimation

The end of the whole experiment. An uninhabitable earth.

“i guess i’m stuck here on earth now so i’ve started a vlog”

i hope some of the budget for the NYC streets plan includes teaching americans how to fucking ride a bike

for the first time in a long time i’m excited about a mac

my very first one was a 2007 acrylic 20” iMac that i bought while in undergrad

it was the most expensive thing i had ever bought at the time, and i don’t drive or anything so i hauled it to the train station and walked it from 30th street station to mantua where i lived at the time

that shit changed my life

buying this mac studio almost feels the same

it’ll will be my first M1 chip and i’m unbelievably delighted

can someone explain that weird complacent approach to maintaining relationships and why it’s treated like a good thing?

“we may fight, or piss each other off, or say things we regret, or hurt each other, or grow resentful, but through it all we’ve been together, and that’s how you know our relationship is strong”

cool, sounds like it sucks

it blows my mind john wick 3 was the highest grossing of the series so far because it’s by far the most incomprehensible

nearly a year into rendering shit and i’m finally realizing now that i should actually include like a second of padding at the start and end of the timeline so i’m not just stuck with the timing i fucked up because i’m watching the scenes in isolation

it takes longer for the windows 10 start menu to find blender —which is both pinned on the start menu and has a desktop shortcut—than for me to google “blender” and get the results back


i wonder how much data capacity google has versus the sheer amount of fucking video content is uploaded to their shit

it’s just like trying to get a thing to follow a path properly. it’s supposed to be the simplest fucking thing and yet every time there’s some weird fiddly bullshit that makes it just fucking broken

i hate mantaray in blender so fucking much

i hate how broken the caching is, i hate watching rigid body shit just *not* working, i hate having to fuck with gravity and weights of objects to get anywhere near sane simulation behavior, and i hate how forces just *don’t fucking work* half the time

also all my fucking blend files are so disorganized i can’t stand it

i want to rename and consolidate everything but that’ll break all the links and i hate thinking about how much shit i’ll have t check didn’t break

i honestly don’t know how people used blender before library overrides

the proxy system was completely unintuitive and broken to me, and the library override system is just the simplest thing that could possibly work; and it’s weird the me the latter didn’t come first

react and redux documentation is especially bad about this


i cannot stand how obsessed the JS ecosystem is with functions

like i get it, it’s cool, but please don’t make your API a single function with a single expected fucking shape of the entire configuration

i swear people write libraries with the intent to make a single, oversimplified example fit on their home page

one of my favorite things to anticipate is how much shit will fucking break every time some mega-conglomerate decides that it’s time they upgrade my operating system

does anyone have tips for browsing peertube? The intances I'm stumbling through seem to have an awful lot of racism and conspiracy junk that'd I'd like not to see.

We should never forget how stupid and fucking wrong all those histrionic losers were in the 90s talking about video game violence in fucking like Mortal Kombat

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