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oh the world is going to shit, why isn’t anyone doing something about it

because we’re all *fucking exhausted by design*

okay mastodon i give up i’ll put you in a beefier instance that you need for some reason

just put some hours into empyrion 1.8

it’s still really fun and i feel like there’s been lots of little changes and improvements and more and more stuff added

starting to get time to build a capital vessel

I’ve been doomscrolling about anthropogenic climate change for probably a year now.

I’ve felt nothing but anguish and horror, but when I saw a trending tweet about how hypothetical forecasts of the UK in 2050 are now todays forecast, I just laughed. Not long or loud but I couldn’t help it.

Im going to start going through the IPCC report soon. Might make another account just for live-reading it.

i receive a covid test kit that expired in May, from an insurance company i pay over 800 dollars a month for, and their customer assistance literally just asked me what I want them do about it

like, literally, what is it you’d like me to do about it

i spend over 800 dollars a month for health insurance, requested a covid at home test kit yesterday, it arrives now and it EXPIRED IN MAY

I don’t know how I can sustain this misery and anguish at the world. I feel so powerless and scared.

After a year of storyboarding, programming, animating, and after 300 hours of rendering, it’s done


i was going to say "i'm sure there's a perfectly good reason why mastodon needs over a gig of RAM, a postgres database, an unlimited disk cache, and whatever redis and sidekiq are for" but i have a rule against telling unconscionable lies

okay time to upgrade mastodon to see if they figured out how deleting files work

# df | grep vda1
/dev/vda1 53996684 27470120 23626652 54% /
# RAILS_ENV=production bin/tootctl media remove
# df | grep vda1
/dev/vda1 53996684 27992984 23103788 55% /

love it

I have thoughts about screenshot-based communication

I think there’s a friction aspect: less work to read a screenshot than follow a link

a pragmatic aspect: hoping the link still works/ the content still exists;

a contextual aspect (a tweet’s punchline relies on the poster’s name & avatar and they’ve changed it since the screenshot was taken)

is this an indictment of the efficacy of hypertext? idk I think the crux is hypertext is only as useful as the reliability of the destination

A pervasive user culture of pasting screenshot images of fragments of structured hypertext documents,

as a necessary workaround to communicate complex data and concepts over social media systems that run over hypertext documents but which as a matter of policy don't allow users to post hypertext documents over these systems,

is an admission of massive, near-total, software architectural and design-process failure.

I don’t know what to think

I don’t know what to feel

I don’t know what to say

I don’t know what to do

“You said to call you Ten.

Who are you?

Why does it take so long?

I don’t understand what is going on.

I don’t know who I am or where I am.

I’m all by myself.

Who are you?

I love you too.”

is there any other animal species that can practice self-deception?

at least i can die knowing that a civilization in rapid decline looks basically like civilization at any other point in time

i’m still going to keep myself alive, and focus on the things that are important to me, and support the people i care about

but i’m no longer under any delusions about my role in this

i’m not the main character in the story

i’m not a character at all

the forever-fields of the neon city are dark forever

and the story has ended

I gave myself 9 months to get deep into it and not just jump to conclusions and I can definitively say that node is the worst ecosystem I’ve ever encountered and I’ve been using computers since software came on audio cassettes

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