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if the choice is between

1) the human species’ destruction

2) we somehow manage to avert the worst of the climate crisis, but no one in power who denied the reality of it, or the companies and businesses that brought the planet to ruin, ever faced any culpability for their selfishness and callous disregard for our only living planet

i don’t know man

who the fuck do i have to blow to get windows autocomplete in explorer and start menu to not be the absolute fucking worst and most blindly incorrect all the time

- ore frequency is bullshit, especially in proportion to the amount of combat
- the length of the day and how long it fucking takes to walk anywhere is bullshit
- the fishing minigame is 100% bullshit

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Stardew Valley is a great game so it gets a pass on a lot of its bullshit but good lord does it know how to do bullshit

People will “long for simpler times” but they’re always talking about post-agrarian societies

Come on, you can long for simpler times than that

Keyboards should have built in detection so that any time someone types the phrase “thanks for proving my point” they get fucking electrocuted

The arctic ice is going to keep melting and the ocean is going to start absorbing more heat, the ice is just going to melt more quickly, leading to a feedback loop, and then it’s gg

Maybe another species 20 million years from now will pull it off

either way we should just be so fucking embarrassed of ourselves as a civilization, just the most straightforward failure mode of a sentient life form, strangling ourselves in the crib

Of all the climate shit the thing I can’t stand is the extinction of flora and fauna

The fucking sheer thought of these animals just slowly dying off until there’s none left, I just can’t fucking deal with it

“I pace in circles
So the camera will see
Look hard at my stripes
There'll be no more after me”

Things aren’t good just because they last long /
Sometimes it’s time to move on

I just… I just don’t get why the start menu is as bad as it is

There’s the shitty search, the unbelievably inaccurate autocomplete suggestions, the fact you can’t even use it as a fucking calculator, it’s just awful. So awful.

does anyone know of a tool that can generate a guaranteed unwinnable klondike/solitaire game?

“So long and thanks for all the fish”: traditional e-mail subject line for resigning software engineers, origin unknown

Dumb frustrating thing is when some content creator gets banned from a social media site of some kind and caterwauls that it was “for no reason” in an attempt to delegitimize the banning

Every single site of this nature has, without question, a TOS that includes a clause that they can ban you for no fucking reason and don’t have to supply one

Just seriously annoys me

Waiter was having trouble seeing the text on the iPad for taking our orders

I said I could adjust the text size so he could see it better and he IMMEDIATELY hands it to me

I search briefly before realizing that because it’s some kind of managed device, all of its settings are hidden and locked down

Including the accessibility options

How fucking stupid is that

I absolutely get people want to go out and live their lives and they want things back to normal

but we have next to zero clue about how Covid affects people in the long term

the idea of losing cognitive function permanently for the next 50 years because I wanted to go to a concert or something just seems really really really not worth it

I’m just so fucking tired of all this.

None of us deserve this.

honestly i feel the same way about david bowie as i do about the mars volta, which is their songs are usually 80% meandering noodling and stilted lyrics surrounding 20% sheer unadulterated brilliance

Twitter is just so fucking incoherent nowadays

Every day there’s random posts on my feed with ten thousand likes with a bunch of fucking screenshots of other tweets and text so sarcastic and simmered in irony that you can’t even tell what the fuck they’re talking about or what or who they’re against or for

Please let’s make sure the fediverse never becomes that

How am I supposed to focus on anything important, or anything I think is important, when the world is drying up, burning down, and being poisoned?

Why are any of us doing this? What are we working towards?

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