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Twitter has given up on pretending that Mastodon is too complicated for people who understand e-mail, and have instead starting using their personal confusion over individual rules of specific instance administrators as an indictment of the entire technology and fediverse

I can’t believe I have to say this but clout-chasing 100% includes side-channel clout-building like, for example, non-instance websites that provide some kind of verification scheme for fediverse users

If I see people attempting to be “fedified” or whatever you will be blocked. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Wait, yes I do. Isn’t the fediverse empowering?

- posts have different visibilities
- people who see the post can reply
- people who reply can be blocked or muted

A physical paper diary:
- no one can read
- no one can reply

Please make sure to choose the correct tool for the job and do not get sad or confused if the tool you choose does not work the way you want

Only in English can you shorten “win” to “W” and it takes longer to say

Starting to see some social media matryoshka screenshots on my timeline, sadly must start pruning follows

I know my domain name is really cool but this is a single user instance, sorry

Moynihan Train Hall cost 1.6 billion dollars and there is not a single seat anywhere because if there were, homeless people would be able to sit down, and that’s worse than terrorism

Luckily, the building is so poorly designed that there are plenty of dead end hallways and corridors to nowhere for dozens of dozens of people to line up against the walls like it was a field trip full of teenagers trying to find a place to congregate

I can’t believe I have to wait until basically February of next year to play Hitman’s Freelancer mode, it looks so damn good

people on twitter are delusional about their relationship with the site

“oh it’s the hell site, i can’t stop scrolling, why are we all drawn here, it’s so awful but i’m still on it every day”

that’s addiction. you’re addicted. stop being online ironic about your addiction and seek help

I wonder how well GitFS works for … well fucking anything basically

Wait until these nerds hear about Gemini, their fucking brains are gonna melt

I’m always looking for more NYC people so don’t be afraid to follow. I guess the outer boroughs count too.

Anyway back to important things, I found a hummus place I liked nearby. The pita is fine, I just have to accept I’ll never get bread as good as Dizengoff’s

So let's see how this site does. 😃

I am looking for two PhD students to study the evolution of hot rocky exoplanets at the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute of the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, with a focus on magma ocean interiors and atmospheres. 🌍🌋🔭 Application deadline is 1st December. Details at: Please boost. 🙂 #exoplanets #Astrodon #astronomy #phd

Please bear in mind that many, many, many people are here specifically because we do not wish to see the latest bangers from Twitter or screenshots of a post on another social network or “t-shirts that go hard” or any other kind of push-button clout-chasing

Many clients don’t even show boost/fave counts on their timeline. No one cares about the big numbers. And if you’re posting here because you care about the big numbers, you will probably not enjoy yourself here

And it’s so fucking *textbook*. So fucking predictable. I wish I didn’t have to watch it all play out in real time. When all of it could have been avoided.

It’s all so fucking tiresome. And there’s nowhere to protect, or even shield, yourself.

Going to start randomized “blackouts” of services in my life to inure myself to climate crisis

Every day an RNG decides whether I have access to hot water/any water, food, electricity, internet and cell networks, or banking, and if not then I can’t use that thing for that day

With a bunch of new faces around I’m going to plug the shit I’m most proud of. Just one post I promise. It’s an animation, made in Blender, that tells a story within the universe.

i finished my animation you can watch it here:

it may not make much sense if you’re not into SS13 but there it is

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