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spend hundreds on an NAS, spend hundreds on hard drives, and a year of filling up 14TB worth of disks on backups, i can’t even restore my shell history from 3 months ago which is, at _most_, a 600kb file

my qnap has been so bad for so long and I think i’m fucking done with it

How is it still the case that modern software does not recognize the full range of available TLDs

I don’t think “.info” is particularly exotic but apparently that’s just beyond some people’s comprehension

I’ve tried a few AI image mixers and my imagination easily outsmarts them every time even through multiple rounds of iteration and refinement

It’s actually astonishingly simple to prompt it for things it has no training data for

With a bunch of new faces around I’m going to plug the shit I’m most proud of. Just one post I promise. It’s an animation, made in Blender, that tells a story within the universe.