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Thinking bout that time I confused ?uestlove for Reggie Watts

are facemasks with eyes printed on them an effective defense against automatic facial recognition (like clearview and such) or are they smarter than that

are there known attacks that make it hard for them to automatically scrap your face from images ?

How we all doing

We doing all right?

Life’s shit, huh

Fucked up

arabic is so visually stunning

it looks like written music

Have discovered my first cockroach in five years of living in Manhattan

A scorched earth policy is in effect

so the AirPods max got a firmware update

how do you update them?

you can’t. you just have to wait for it to happen

not even kidding, there’s no update flow whatsoever. some people observe it’s more likely to happen if you’re connected to bluetooth and maybe the phone is plugged in?

but yeah that’s super sick

If you write blog articles ✍️

And use emoji like punctuation ⚠️

When you go home at night 🏡

I’m going to be waiting under the bed 💀

you came here to avenge his death
you came here to save mankind
and now you see
you cannot do both

A flock of galahs has been visiting a neighbour's yard. I have a small amount of bird envy

going to make a 2 hour long youtube video detailing every bullshit death in the king’s quest series

i love how Unlock with Apple Watch just doesn’t fucking work

I wonder what static site generator the government uses for those “DOMAIN SEIZED” pages

Ты не узнаешь, как меня зовут
Я не скажу тебе
Что не хватает
Что-то цепляет
Я не скажу тебе
Не надо...

okay the first time i accidentally didn’t finish a grubhub order before actually ordering it i thought i was an idiot

but now it’s happened for the dozenth fucking time and i’ve been waiting an hour for food i never ordered

their checkout workflow seriously fucking has this perception of being done on the second to last step, and it’s fucked with me countless times by now

i get to that point and put my phone down nearly every time

HN going full corporate thought-crime:

> Just look at this from the other side: you employ lots of people to work on some product, you teach them "secrets of the trade", send them to conferences, let them participate in making decisions, giving them extraordinary insight in the area of work you are active on... and as soon as they leave your company, they use all that knowledge to try to create something with that on their own… this is incredibly unprofessional.

the problem with the web is almost never that your 6kb home page is 2kb too large and almost always that every american household wants 24/7 1080p streaming from every site available and bandwidth is expensive

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