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if god wanted man to take the bible more seriously he should have added some stuff about what to expect in the future, and none of this ambiguous allegorical shit

he should have been like, “hey, watch out for the bubonic plague”, or “yo dudes, in about 5 billion years the sun is going to expand and flash-immolate the earth”

we don’t need a “decentralized social network” we need people to look each other in the eye and communicate like human beings

just realized the pizza place i ordered from is at 2nd ave and i’m midtown west

feel like a dick

so is NYC ever going to let restaurants deliver alcohol again or did we give up on that whole “we care about small businesses during the pandemic” thing

i mean i wanna get fucked up also, but like, come on

trying to like, storyboard, in my head, is so inaccurate

i know that’s stating the obvious, but it’s mind-blowing when i finally start working and i see how fucking many frames there are, how much time needs to be filled with proper animations, it’s like, oh yeah, this is gonna be hell

spoilers: disco elysium 

after all this time waiting to find the perfect song to sing at karaoke, the actual scene itself was so underwhelming. i mean i got a little emotional but i honestly thought it was going to hit harder than that

any kiss linux users on here? curious to hear about using kiss maybe versus rolling your own distro with busybox and buildroot for example

there’s no rule saying you can’t go on multiple hero’s journeys

in celebration of the 8 year anniversary of GTA V’s release rockstar is releasing a shittier version of GTA V that has nothing on modded versions of the original

it’s been 14 months since i burnt out

and i still feel burnt out

not sure how to proceed.

not every image on the internet is part of a -core

at the end of this round I will have spent SEVEN (7) hours interviewing for one role at one company

this is starting to get a little bonkers

anyone else think it’s fucked up that you buy stuff, you run out of it, and have to buy more?

i reject this causality

my heart is really broken for the situation that kids/adolescents are going through in all this. even in the “best” of circumstances kids don’t get the mental health support and guidance they need to navigate the dangers of life and growing up

now they’re largely removed from their peer groups, stuck indoors staring at video chats all day, have all kinds of gross spyware on their devices, and day by day it’s taking its toll

it’s just fucking depressing.

sorting desktop icons by alphabetical order in windows 10 doesn’t actually sort them in alphabetical order, unless you’re doing it within an explorer window

i don’t understand how a piece of software 30 years old can still just not fundamentally work

you cannot use sarcasm, memes, and irony, and then get upset that people can’t communicate or understand each other

obviously that’s not the only problem but i suspect you’ll be surprised how much killing that shit cuts down on the overall confusion in the world

just speak plainly, with no extraneous garbage, and be thorough, and i think you’ll be pleasantly surprised

worst kinds of youtube videos

1. 6 second memes/tweet readouts
2. shoving a camera in an animal’s face and “testing” or harassing them for some other reason (“can my cat jump over this wall of toilet paper?!?!”)
3. “I DID THIS UNEXPECTED THING IN $GAME” and it’s just a mod

i welcome contributions

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